The Nifty Plate method : a synthesis of dietetics to lose weight quickly.

Nifty Plate is not another new diet, but postulates that whatever method you adopt to lose weight quickly, it will only have a chance to be effective if you limit your calorie intake to the one that suits you.

This is what Nifty Plate does for you by determining in which circle of the plate you must circumscribe your food, that in an individual way according to your size, your age, your gender and your physical activity.

Actually, Nifty Plate synthesizes several dietary principles that complement each other.

A well-balanced nutrition

The only diets we advise against are those that completely skip certain food categories, such as the high protein diet. These diets cause nutritional deficiencies that can be harmful to health and, when they lead to weight loss, it is usually ephemeral.

As explained in our “well-balanced nutrition” section, it’s all about:

  • a good balance between carbohydrates, lipids and proteins,
  • minimizing fast sugars by favouring slow sugars with a low glycemic index,
  • a good balance between the different categories of lipids (fats).

The Nifty Plate is divided in two areas of equivalent caloric intake: the largest, at an angle of 230 °, is for starchy foods and the smallest at 130 ° for meat.

The more the starchy area, as we recommend, contains slow sugars with high-protein, such as pulses and quinoa, the smaller the meat area. Of course, ultimately, the meat area disappears for vegetarian or vegan users.

Note that vegetables come in addition to the circle on the plate Nifty Plate and can be consumed to satiety. Tip: eat vegetables at the beginning of the meal to satisfy the hunger.

If you are vegetarian, it is recommended to compensate for the absence of animal fat with eggs and dairy products or, if you are vegan, with exotic fats (palm oil, coconut milk).

Finally, it is advisable to consume olive oil in combination with omega 6 and especially 3 contained in oils such as rapeseed, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, cod liver, etc.


It is a matter of common sense: it is obviously better to spend the calories you have just absorbed than to go to bed. In other words, you have to eat more early in the day and less in the evening. Again, the plate Nifty Plate provides the solution: it suffices, indeed, to widen your portion of a circle for your lunch and shrink all the same for dinner.

Good habits

    • Drink at least two liters of water a day.
    • Avoid lemonades, fruit juices (except fresh), alcohols and sweets.
    • Prefer lean meat to fatty meat.
    • Prefer home cooking to ready-made dishes. Make tasty and healthy cooking and save time by cooking simmered dishes that last and improve day by day.
    • Be consistent: eat a snack (but not a candy) rather than being hungry and overeating at mealtime.
    • Eat slowly while chewing food. Lay the cutlery between each bite.
    • Exercise, which can simply be an energetic walk to the office or walking your dog.

The Nifty Plate diet will make you lose weight quickly without making you hungry (which would be the best way to get the opposite effect). All of the above principles are reasonably simple, realistic and enforceable. No question here to make you weigh all your food and to force you in tedious calculations of points or caloric quantities.