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If you are here, it is that you have taken the best decision: you will acquire much more than a simple plate, but a tool and a method to lose weight, regain your confidence, your well-being and maybe your health. Hold on, you will not be disappointed! From your first achievements, stay with us and share your success in our blog.

Warning: click on the back of the plate and you will find traces without enamel. It is not a manufacturing fault, but rather a sign of craftsmanship: these are simply the points of contact of the plate with the oven during cooking.

The purchase of the Nifty Plate and access to the resources on this site is exclusively designed and reserved for adults aged 18 and over. By buying this plate, you accept the above terms and certify that you are at least 18 years old.




The Nifty Plate is a craft product that uses 100% French earthenware! A material of choice to taste your favorite dishes.

Long lasting

Made of first choice earthenware and machine washable, the Nifty Plate is almost everlasting !

Measuring circles

The measuring circles facilitate the use of the Nifty Plate, allowing you to dose and balance your dishes with ease.

Limited edition

Be one of the first to use the Nifty Plate: this first batch is limited to only 100 plates !

Is the Nifty Plate method a low calorie diet? Not exactly, since it postulates that to lose weight and achieve a BMI between 18.5 and 25, we must absorb a daily number of calories adapted to each, neither too much nor too little. This is the only way to lose weight quickly and then keep its new silhouette.

Eating must above all remain a pleasure.

The Nifty Plate allows you to regulate your diet without constraints, allowing you to naturally reach your ideal weight.

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